We endeavour to elevate the art of pipe craftsmanship by exclusively employing the finest raw materials in the creation of our HDPE pipes. This commitment to uncompromising quality not only defines a product but establishes an enduring legacy of refinement, where each pipe embodies the pinnacle of sophistication and durability.


Quality Meets Commitment


Size Offerings

We epitomize refinement, providing an exquisite array of HDPE pipe sizes meticulously crafted from 20mm to 225mm outer diameter. Your projects deserve nothing less than the perfect blend of precision and sophistication, tailored to the highest standards of excellence.


Paramount Durability

ARPAN PIPES stand unrivalled in paramount durability, a testament to their enduring strength and resilience, setting the standard for reliability in diverse applications. Crafted to outlast challenges, they embody a commitment to lasting performance.

ARPAN POLYPLAST epitomises sophistication, with its meticulously crafted HDPE pipes, a testament to unparalleled quality and precision.

Elevate your projects with these pipes, where excellence meets durability in perfect harmony.

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